Past the Cheerless Depth, to the east of Miirdas, lies the continent of Ynn. It takes its name from the people of the same name. The Ynn took over Ynn, the land mass, and established the Empire of Old Ynn. The people of Ynn are described as extremely cunning, pitting enemy against enemy to establish their great empire. The Ynn are also the inventor of currency, building up a great wealth. However, the Ynn, and their great empire, disintegrated centuries ago. As to why, the party has not yet learned.

Places ending in -yn and -yne are old places settled by the Ynn, although no longer under their control.

Physcially, the Ynn were of olive skin. As Ynn are rare, those of olive skin might be descendants of the long gone empire.

The Sons of Ynn take their name from these people, as the Ynn were notorious for their nomadic trading.


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