Sons of Ynn

The Sons of Ynn take their name for the ancient people, named simply the Ynn. While the Sons of Ynn are named for the people, they are not necessarily descendants of any Ynn people. Rather, they take the name of Ynn because of their famous reputation as nomadic travelers. The Sons are trading travelers as well. Members of the Sons of Ynn are magically tattooed, allowing the Sons to contact their members for any sort of job or duty.

The group of Sons that the party met were known to be traveling to Stonefort, Quartschoir, Lyne, over Halfgrim’s Rest, and to Kvenyr. Whether or not the Sons of Ynn actually travel to Ynn is unknown at this time.

Arrenhius and Thoras were invited to be members, which they accepted, opening them up to discounts and privileges exclusive to the Sons of Ynn.

Field of green, white balance, gold feathers

Sons of Ynn

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