Flamboyant and ridiculously dressed, the gnome wears a tunic of brilliant blues and turquoises. He wears a long pink feather in his hat, and keeps his beard oiled and shiny.


Coppertongue was saved by the party, as they searched for the keys to the Thieves Guild. Unfortunately, TenSoon was lost in the battle, while Coppertongue fled through a secret side passage way. That is not to say Coppertongue didn’t help at all. He used quick wits and hidden items to help defeat his two captors. However, him and the party were no match for the drow that appeared after the defeat of his guards.

Coppertongue has since helped the party a few times, for a price of course. He knows that Cerrak is probably behind the coup of the Thieves Guild, but has promised discretion while the party searches for more information. He has also offered his support.


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