Cerrak Windmark

Strong, cleanshaven, and cool-headed, Cerrak is known as the more reasonable of the twins Windmark


Son of Baron Windmark, twin brother of Serrak Windmark, possible heir to the barony of Newmark

He is missing his sword and some letters, and has tasked the party with finding them. He has asked to party to do so without alerting his father, to save his father from the bother.

The party has found the letters, which have put Cerrak in a new light. There is new evidence that supports Cerrak being behind the coup of the Thieves Guild, as well as supporting Lirk and some followers of Hextor. The party returned one of the letters to him, the one without the discriminating information. He doesn’t suspect the party yet, at least we hope.

Has since become a horrible evil lich, bent on returning the aspect of the Dark One to the Material Plane. Gods help us all


Cerrak Windmark

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