Baron Windmark

A wizened old man, skinny but jovial, with mess of gray hair and a scraggly gray beard.


Baron and Ruler of the City Newmark. He offered a bounty for the goblins that had raided the Redlands.
His sons are Cerrak Windmark and Serrak. Serrak went into the woods to investigate the goblin activity, and has not been seen since. Baron Windmark has yet to choose a successor. He had tasked the party to look into the increasing problem that is the Thieves Guild. Regarded the party positively, except for the super-vampire. Had put increasing trust in the party regarding his sons.

The Baron was killed by an elven magic user during the tournament. His killer escaped, as she flew away before an attempt of capture could be made. It is not yet known what the repercussions of his death will be.


Baron Windmark

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