• Acholate


    The smell of alcohol and sweat serve as a precursor to her(?) presence. This half-orc is heavily muscled, and bares several scares from her former days as a slave.
  • Alrira


    A thin nervous man, skinny and sleek. He is often seen wandering the cathedral for hours on end, seemingly lost in thought
  • Baron Windmark

    Baron Windmark

    A wizened old man, skinny but jovial, with mess of gray hair and a scraggly gray beard.
  • Cerrak Windmark

    Cerrak Windmark

    Strong, cleanshaven, and cool-headed, Cerrak is known as the more reasonable of the twins Windmark
  • Coppertongue


    Flamboyant and ridiculously dressed, the gnome wears a tunic of brilliant blues and turquoises. He wears a long pink feather in his hat, and keeps his beard oiled and shiny.
  • Duncan


    A dashing scoundrel who loves his inn more than he does himself.
  • Etta


    Blond haired, lovely, and cynical, Etta captures the heart of nearly every man that comes into the Wench.
  • Eustace Goodberry

    Eustace Goodberry

    A thin man with a scraggly red beard and a mess of coarse red hair.
  • Gun'thak


  • Hjall Grailmourner

    Hjall Grailmourner

    A grizzled, cruel looking man, with scars crisscrossing his face
  • Iymara Zau'ghym

    Iymara Zau'ghym

    With skin as dark and smooth as polished ebony, this priestess makes for a striking figure. Her beauty is matched only by her cruelty
  • Lirk


    No one has had a good look at his face. He kept to the shadows when you were with him
  • Nuvg


    Hideous and disgusting, this goblin is covered in ritual paint and wears tattered robes.
  • Old Nan

    Old Nan

    A diminutive old woman, who peers curiously at you from behind thick glasses. She is hunched over a knotted wooden cane.
  • Old Paladin of Hextor

    Old Paladin of Hextor

    A man with snow white hair and a cut physique. His age is somewhere between 30 and 90, you think. It is impossible to determine.
  • Phillipe Bourguignon

    Phillipe Bourguignon

    Savory and saucy, this caravan leader sports a heavily muscled physique and facial hair to die for.
  • Rezah


    A fat man with a thick black beard, Rezah is most often jolly and welcoming. He is the model family man.
  • Serrak Windmark

    Serrak Windmark

    Many describe him as a man with a fiery temper. The women of Bernice's say he is quite handsome
  • Svatt


    Laughing blue eyes are held in an old, wise head. His beard flows long and white, and he is regularly heard muttering to himself about "rotten adventurers"